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About Me

Hi, I’m Tashumbra! (pronounced Tuh-shum-bruh)


I guess you can say it all started as a young girl growing up in Oak Cliff, TX where I realized that I had a bit of a creative side. I’ve always had a love for the arts! From drawing to fashion and everything in between I wanted to try it; which is why I’m pretty proud of having the opportunity to study and obtain degrees in Design, Art and Fibers. In 2009, I made a clutch bag for myself which led me to the crazy idea of starting a handbag line. That then led me into wanting to become a better sewer by making clothes so I introduced a ready to wear line in 2012.


TASHUMBRA. is a growing brand with a slow fashion approach consisting of handbags and season-less mini collections. My collections are always inspired by the world around me with a mission to always make things that people can enjoy because fashion is fun and you should have a blast!

I sincerely hope that you also enjoy shopping my collections as much as I enjoy creating them! XO, Tashumbra

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