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Measuring Tips

Grab a tape measure!


Here are a few tips to help you find the best fit and size for you.


So your buying a dress...

1. Measure your bust.
2. Measure your natural waist.
3. Measure your hips


So your buying pants...

1. Measure your natural waist. Remember to keep the tape loose.
2. Measure your hips, which are the fullest part of your body at the top of your leg. If you can’t figure out where your hips hit, try measuring about 7 inches below your waist.
3. Then, measure your inseam, starting at the crotch seam and ending at the bottom of your leg. Your inseam will help you buy pants that fit well. If you are petite, you might be able to tell if you will need your pants hemmed.


So your buying a top...

1. First, measure your bust, which is the fullest part of your chest. 
2. Then measure your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose. The term “natural waist” refers to the smallest part of your midsection (not your hips).




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